Namespace: customformsjs




// You can overwrite defaults by passing an object with some options, when an option is passed
// without a module name as namespace it will be a global option, module namespaced options will
// overwrite global options, also modules will have some options that are particular for that module,
// please refer to the documentation page to see all possible options for each module.
 var options = { active: true, lowercasemodulename: { active: false } };

 // All supported elements inside container, will recurse to find all elements
 $('#container').cstmForm( options )

 // All Form elements
 $('form').cstmForm( options )

 // target a certain group of element
 $('input[type=file]').cstmForm( options )

 // You can target specific groups of elements
 $('input[type=radio], input[type=checkbox], select').cstmForm( options )